Things to keep in mind while purchasing or renting a Lighting Tower


Portable lighting has come a long way from lanterns on a stick or even torches. Nowadays, those requiring a portable lighting solution usually pick tower lights or lighting towers. These high-intensity groups of LEDs or metal halide bulbs, powered by a combustion engine or Solar Energy come together to illuminate the site of requirement. Their portable nature makes them ideal for use in a wide variety of situations such as construction, mining, military, event, film set, etc. Even if they are not being used for the main application, they can also be used as a backup in case of power cuts or unexpected cloudy weather. Considering purchasing or renting these high-intensity outdoor illuminating solutions? Here are a few things that you should consider.

Coverage area

The coverage area should be foremost in your mind. The light coverage area is calculated in square meters or lux (lumens per square meter). The standard coverage of the modern towering lights usually goes from 500 square meters up to 5000 square meters depending upon the number of lights and the tower length. The more the coverage, the more the generator power requirement which is measured in kilowatt (kW) or kilo volt-ampere (k VA). Determining this will help you make your decision.

Noise generation

Do you need to install the tower lights in a noise restriction zone? Then a lighting tower that runs on diesel or LPG gas would be the best bet as they are the quietest. For those with other noise, concerns can easily rent the lighting tower of their choice from Energia. 


Portability isn’t about easy transportation alone but if the tower lights can be easily positioned at a required place and angle/direction. Do the tower lights comes with wheels, stabilizers, and a tow hitch? If yes, then positioning, loading, and transportation will be a very easy task for everyone involved. The best tower lights though are the ones that also come with forklift slots. No matter your portability requirement. Energia has you covered. 

The site regulations

As tower lights may be used in various environments, the renter will need to be cautious as to use the right bulb at the right time and place. This is because there are restrictions and precautions in the type of bulbs one gets to use on certain sites. For example, metal halide bulbs may not be used in a gaseous environment to prevent fire. This problem can be easily solved by switching to LED bulbs even though metal halide bulbs are the most cost-effective high-power solution.

Fuel efficiency

For those working in a remote location or a site with fuel scarcity or even highly-priced fuel, renting a lighting tower with excellent fuel efficiency is a must. This way you not only save money on fuel but also its transportation and storage costs. 

No matter your need, be rest assured that Energia has you covered. You can easily pick and choose from a wide range of tower lights to match your coverage, fuel, and light coverage requirements. With towers that are designed for the most extreme environments, from deserts to the frozen Tundra to towers that provide you 360-degree light we have just the right thing for your needs. 

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