Temporary Process Cooling

Temporary Process Cooling

Cooling Tower repairs / refurbishment and Plant Reactor Cooling during a shutdown are key areas where production losses could potentially sky rocket if not carried out efficiently and with the right engineering partner for any Petrochemical Plant Shutdown / Turnaround.

When a Cooling Tower as a whole or even partially goes out of operations for repairs / refurbishment the production losses and downtime losses can possibly be curtailed by deploying an external integrated cooling system using Heat Exchangers and a closed loop system. This when deployed ahead of your shutdown will ensure that the plant is back up and running in no time with minimal production losses.

Similarly, when a reactor needs to be cooled, a similar system can be used to cool the gases before the plant comes online again, thereby cutting back the possible production losses that one may incur due to a Maintenance Shutdown.

Obviously, these are complex systems designed to operate and work in tough / O&G environments, and you would need a Temperature Control / Process Cooling expert to design and implement this system.

Energia is your one-stop shop from designing to implementation of temporary cooling systems of any size. Contact us on sales@energiaksa.com

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