How Energia ensures a safe and hazard-free environment at work

Energia ensures a safe and hazard-free environment

Ensuring safety on project sites is crucial not only from a human cost standpoint but also from a financial perspective. Accidents and mishaps result in work stoppage which means the day’s work is delayed, leading to financial loss. Repeated accidents also tarnish the name of the company, giving it a bad reputation in the market. With Energia, you can be assured that your project needs are met in a safe and non-hazardous environment. With our best-in-class services and products, we do not believe in compromising on our safety standards. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to ensure a healthy work environment and safety for all.

Our safety rules and measures are instilled in every staff member and worker to ensure a hazard-free environment for our customers. This way we minimize risks to life and property while safeguarding customer safety. Want to know more about our safety measures? Here is what makes Energia the best in class when it comes to safety.

Only qualified personnel

The operation of heavy equipment like power generators, tower lights, etc., requires trained and qualified personnel. We pride ourselves on hiring only the best and most qualified people to handle the equipment. 

Regular training sessions

Hiring qualified personnel is only the beginning of our safety process. To ensure that safety becomes an instinctual habit, we provide regular training sessions for all our workers along with all the necessary safety equipment and gear. We also provide our clients with training sessions and proper handling procedures to ensure 100% safety. 

Proper upkeep

Improperly maintained machinery and equipment are dangerous. This is why we maintain a rigorous maintenance schedule and reporting system. Any damage is immediately repaired or replaced and old and obsolete equipment is disposed of. 

Environmental resources need safety too

At Energia, we do not reserve safety only for our clients and employees. Environmental safety is our priority too. This is especially important for us as power resources and generators are very resource-heavy. Therefore, we make certain that our consumption of exhaustible natural resources is kept to the bare minimum. Most of our machines are fuel efficient and we prefer solar panels in our workplace to reduce fuel dependency. The desert environment of Saudia Arabia makes solar a very valid option.

But our focus goes beyond fuel consumption alone. Noise pollution, wastage, and storage issues are also strongly dealt with through our thorough maintenance processes.

360-degree safety

Our responsibility does not just end with the contract signing. When we provide equipment, we also take care of safe transportation, installation, and working. With our qualified engineers and workers on-site, we can assure you of a zero scope of error.

Accidents and mishaps are every project manager’s nightmare and we are acutely aware of it. Providing the client with safe and secure equipment is our primary goal. This is also why our clients always come back to us. So if you are planning to rent equipment for your project, we are the best choice for you.

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