Here’s Why Should You Rent Your Welding Equipment From Energia


Need welding equipment but unsure whether to purchase it or rent it? Renting, especially renting from Energia, can very well be the right option for your business as it comes with a host of advantages. Here are a few that we have outlined below.

Renting saves money: When it comes to projects, time is money. Renting your welding equipment from Energia helps you save purchase, installation, and maintenance costs. After all, why spend valuable capital costs on buying a piece of equipment you only need occasionally when you can rent it on an “as required” basis? This way you can invest your money in other vital aspects of your business or simply use it to create a cushion for leaner periods. When you rent from Energia, the installation, maintenance, and inventory costs are included in your rental fee. Which means that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Renting helps you save space: Why add clutter to your inventory by storing infrequently used equipment when you can rent from Energia and save that space? In spaces that charge for every occupied square foot, creating storage space is a massive waste of money. As it is, equipment in storage only deteriorates with time while not making any money for you in the long run. When you rent from Energia, you can save that cost as we are responsible for inventorying and storing our equipment.

Renting from Energia gives you access to the most up-to-date technologies: When you purchase a product you have to keep working with it till it irreparably breaks down or becomes extremely obsolete. Upgrading to the latest technologies will again require capital costs. When you rent from Energia you can access the latest technologies very easily. This will make your welding process more efficient, save time and improve weld quality.

Renting helps you scale up quickly: If a new project requires a higher number of welding equipment, what makes more sense? Temporarily scaling up by renting the equipment or purchasing it? If your answer is the former, then you have the right answer. Renting will give you a faster turnaround time as opposed to purchasing as you will get the equipment faster. When the project ends you return the equipment to us and are not left with a huge pile that won’t be used till the next project eating up space and money in your warehouse.

Renting helps you get rid of maintenance hassles completely: Equipment breakdown means stopping the task or the project entirely to wait till the equipment is repaired. If it is night or the weekend or your contractor is having a particularly busy season, this can mean hours if not days, of waiting. With Energia, you can enjoy 24/7 maintenance without any hassle. As we mentioned earlier, the cost is included in your rental fee, so you just have to enjoy the equipment minus headaches.

There are so many other reasons why renting your welding equipment is good for your business. It is the easiest way to focus on what matters without thinking too much about trivial bits. Renting from Energia gives you peace of mind, saves you money and time. Do reach out to us to know more.

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