Energia’s story commenced in the year 2011

Energia’s story commenced in the year 2011, intending to bring the best quality industrial power solutions to their customers. This vision became a reality, and then this progress became a gaining ground for Energia. Energia’s sole purpose is to bring forth exceptional quality equipment to their customers, and along with that, quality services. But these aren’t the only things that make Energia an ideal industrial power solution company. To be more specific, there are a few things that help the company to stand out effectively in the industry:

Best team-Best services

Energia has a dedicated team of more than 150 staff and engineers. Energia hires engineers who always have solutions at hand along with professional expertise. The engineers at Energia have all the knowledge for you to recommend equipment according to your requirement. They also take care of the plant sizing, design, and complete implementation of the equipment. To ensure timely delivery and quality installation, round the clock is their responsibility.

Their services include the complete design of the equipment, its mobilization, installation, commissioning, start-up, fuel, operations, decommissioning, and demobilization. These services are the components of the commitment of Energia. These services ensure that the customer can get the product up to their requirement and have their work done without much hassle.

Widest range of industrial power solutions on rent

Energia has made its name among the leading Temporary Power, Cooling, Compressors, Tower Lights, and Welding Solutions provider in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. Energia has a commitment from Government Sectors to Military Applications, From Utility / Grid Applications to F&B Industries, From District Cooling Companies to All Petrochemical Plants, From Shutdowns / Turnarounds to Unexpected Outages.

Energia provides the best rental equipment for power solutions in many major industries in the Middle East. It’s been many years since they are functioning continuously and relentlessly. As mentioned earlier, they also ensure the quality of every piece of equipment, accompanying top-notch after-sale service and customer satisfaction.

Quality Check at its best

Energia keeps its quality in line with its Quality Management System. This system is according to the internationally recognized standard ISO 9001:2015. This company knows about the customer requirements and the standards that they need to maintain. Every employee in the company is familiar with the Quality Manual that they are equipped with.

The motive at Energia is to keep improving by being open to feedback from all of the customers. Energia ensures quality maintenance by taking notes and action on any grievances by the employees. Proper communication, control, and accountability of all the work are maintained throughout.

Care for health, safety, and environment (HSE)

Energia always aspires to excel in the sector of health, safety, and environment (HSE). A culture of zero harm to all three of them by supporting the HSE policy is maintained throughout. At Energia, the safety of everyone involved with the company is undertaken very seriously. The company takes all the precautions and safety measures to prevent accidents and any health hazards. All the plants, products, and equipment as per health standards to avoid personal injury and illness are kept intact.

Quality services at appropriate costs

Energia ensures to provide all the industrial power solutions on rent at the best possible rates. The company stocks all the equipment with the latest technology and standards and ensures customer satisfaction. All these are provided to the customer with the count which satisfies them.

These are the 5 reasons why Energia is an ideal industrial power solution company! We are not declaring this without evidence. We prove ourselves with every project we take and every client we gratify. To know more about the history, the process, the operations, the development, check out the website for more information.

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