Businesses that can make the most of Energia’s services

Whether your company is based on construction or you organize events, whether your company needs a 24×7 power supply or you need that for just one day, Energia’s services serve multiple types of businesses. And these businesses make the most out of it too. 

To have a brief knowledge of the businesses we serve, here is a list:


  1. Construction

Construction needs a power supply for many of the equipment. And since there can’t be a power supply before the construction is nearly over, these sites depend upon the power rentals. Other than the power supply, to work in the night hours, tower lights, and for welding, welding equipment is also available with Energia.


2. Logistics

Continuous working is necessary for Logistics Company, and for that, they need a continuous power supply. If there is a power cut in their office or the area, we are there to help them in crisis, even when they need fuel supply for their vehicles or the generator.


3. Events

Many things are required in the execution of the event and the satisfaction of the guests. Two of the many things are electricity and cooling. To lighten up the event site, to run the music system, mic and speakers, etc, event management companies rent generators, and for cooling solutions too, they look for Energia’s range of cooling rentals.


4. Oil & Gas Refineries and Petro Chemical Companies

In these types of industries too, there is a heavy need for power, and more to that, fuel tanks. They may also have to work at night, which also requires a lighting solution. Our long range of products helps these companies deliver their best


5. Manufacturing factories for Food/Beverages

There are a lot of processes food items need to go through to get the approval of consumption. The raw materials and the semi-final products as well have to undergo many steps of processing like heating, cooling, compressing, packaging, and so on. And all these processes need to be done is a specified time limit, or there is the danger of spoiling the product. So for continuous power, cooling, and fuel supply, Energia helps them out.


6. Plastic and Metal factories

Both plastic and metal factories need a lot of heat and power for the manufacturing of the products. Among their requirements, they also need welding solutions for many different purposes. So we supply them with the power rentals, welding solutions, and also with fuel tanks whenever require. Additionally, air compressors are used for a few purposes in these industries as well.


7. Schools/Hospitals/malls/cinemas/resorts

These are the areas where you cannot afford a power cut. In hospitals, the lives will be a risk if there ever happens a power cut, and thus hospitals always have a generator to keep the continuous supply of power. In other places such as schools and malls, students, teachers, and shop owners also need electricity. Schools need it for smart classes, computers, lights, etc. Malls need it for a better shopping experience for their customers, to keep the elevators and escalators working, and for the central cooling system to supply air. And so do resorts and cinema. If one is at a place to enjoy their time, and if there is a power cut, nothing can spoil their mood but this.


8. Concert halls

Preparation of the concert, tons of lighting, cooling system, power supply, fuel to run power supply, and so many other things are required before and during a concert. The place of the concert is just a ground before the organizers turn them into a place where hundreds of people are going to come to listen to music played on super speakers and light shows in the concert, which again require a lot of power supply. Energia helps the organizers to make a success out of the concert without hassle.

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