Benefits of Renting a Generator Instead of Buying For Residential and Commercial Usage.

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Benefits of Renting a Generator Instead of Buying For Residential and Commercial Usage.

Certain questions pop in everyone’s mind when it comes to diesel generators. Does one have a requirement for a generator? Be it a standby or prime power alternative. Should one go for a new diesel generator? Will renting be the right decision? Is there confusion about renting a generator or buying it with high investment. Leave your worries behind because we are here to guide you on the same. 

 An important factor in deciding to buy or rent a generator depends on the user’s requirements. You also need to understand if you have a stand-by application or if you want to use your generator as a prime mover. 

 The selection of a generator is based on a summary of your applications; financial capacity and time frame of need are the most important factors. Through this blog, we’ll explain to you the benefits of renting a generator instead of buying for residential and commercial usage. 

Renting vs buying cost comparative

 In any investment, cost plays an essential role based on which you take a call to buy or rent a diesel generator. The suitable option will be to rent a commercial diesel generator to receive standby power over a long period without the necessity to spend high expenditure. For a short period of usage, renting a generator will be a smart choice for your organizational or personal needs. 

 Looking at the other side of the coin, for long-term usages the cost of renting will be equivalent to the cost of buying a generator. Keeping this comparison in mind, you can easily pick the apt option for yourself. Overall, if you need a generator for a lesser time frame, then renting it must be your top priority and for a long-term period investing in one will turn out to be a cost-saving advantage for you. 

Advantages of renting a generator 

 Low maintenance and downtime 

 When a generator is considered on rent you have less to worry about as the generators are certified and well maintained. 

 When you own the generators, you have an additional job for servicing it, plus you need to hire skilled technicians that may increase your costs for the labour force. 

 On the other hand, if you demand a right generator to handle the load you require, you need to have expert technicians who can install the generator and answer all your problems and queries when your rental equipment is not functioning well.

 Saves your money 

 Saving on money is one of the biggest plus points of renting a generator as it is affordable to rent than to buy. If your requirement of a generator is only for a short-term event or project, then renting should be your go-to option. 

 Savings can also help you in the maintenance, storage and transport of your generator. Generators need maintenance, even if they’re not being used. Thus, you can use the saved money to target more jobs, where you don’t have to worry about their size. 

 Zero installation cost 

 There are no installation charges when you rent a diesel generator because the company helps you in installing the generator. Hence that makes renting worth it!  

Advantages of investing in a generator 

 Long-term use is the main reason for investing in a generator set. Choosing the accurate size and generator rating is crucial when designing the power generation system. 

 You have ownership 

 You have the ownership of your private equipment and you are not stuck into rental agreements, set time and also you get an advantage to resell the equipment if desired. 

 Comparison of saving and long-term rental costs

 While renting a large commercial generator over months of period, the cost can increase instantly. In such a case you have to look at all the possible scenarios and do the math on how much it costs for rent extended with monthly breakdowns and also look at what happens if you need the generator for a longer period than planned initially. 

 Modifications in configuration 

 The installation of every generator differs from the last permanent installations that require individual configurations that rental units in most of the cases do not offer including things like the capability to customize wiring, fabricate custom ad-on, customizing exhaust systems, modify enclosures and fuel tanks to mention a few. 


 Both renting or buying a generator has its pros and cons. Based on your demand, renting a generator can be much more beneficial since it comes in a full package. 

 Therefore, you can be worry-free while considering the decision to successfully power all your requirements. 

 While purchasing a diesel generator has added benefits of its own, renting a generator can give you the much-needed peaceful experience.

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