Power Related Emergencies

Are you geared up for any potential power related emergencies on your plant / project?

ENERGIA is a global provider of rental power, cooling, compressors, tower lights and welding solutions, offering reliable equipment, total solutions packages and exceptional engineering services. ENERGIA is headquartered in Jubail (KSA) and has a large presence across the GCC and the wider MENA region.

Spearheaded by a large team of professionally qualified engineers, #Teamenergia has over the years made a niche for itself as the leading Temporary Power, Cooling, Compressors, Tower Lights and Welding Solutions provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the wider MENA region.

Temporary Power Solutions

ENERGIA offer the most reliable and fuel efficient rental diesel power generation equipment on the market. Whether it is a single site event project, military camp in remote location or a multi-megawatt temporary power solution for the whole city, ENERGIA offers a wide range of acoustically containerized diesel generators and power accessories anywhere in the world. All installations include a dedicated service team to plan, organize and manage the entire process of supplying temporary power generation.

Diesel generators are available from 30kVA to 1250kVA with an option for eco-friendly battery, solar or wind power generation. This makes them ideal for telecommunications, military and remote site locations.

ENERGIA also provide power distribution services, transformers, load banks and a range of environmentally safe fuel tanks each with a capacity of up to 26,000 litres, thereby offering the customer a complete power generation solution.

Temperature Control Solutions

ENERGIA is a leader in providing rental temperature control packages and temporary district cooling solutions. Our cooling packages are used to cool and maintain the temperature of facilities in a range of environments from music events, to construction, production, shut-downs and to military bases in the middle of the desert.

Chillers are available from 60TR to 300TR and can be configured to meet the most demanding requirements and environments and all installations have the added benefit of remote monitoring options should it be required.

ENERGIA also provide mobile energy transfer stations, air handling units available in 100 tons to 200 tons, skid mounted heat transfer units, and multiple air conditioning units 20TR, 28TR & 50TR (Packaged Air Conditioning Units with Power) available in different capacities for various cooling applications.

ENERGIA’s range of solutions and expertise in temperature control projects allows the customer to receive a one stop solution for all their temperature control requirements.

Full Utility Solution

ENERGIA can provide customers with a total utility solution that includes power and cooling and it is this capability that differentiates them from all other rental firms in the region.

Recent Projects

Some of ENERGIA’s recent projects include:

  • 60MW temporary power solution @ 34500v to power a city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 20MW temporary power solution @ 34500v to power a petrochemical plant during an emergency shutdown in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 12MW temporary power solution @ 13800v to power a production facility in the FMCG sector in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 8MW temporary power solution @ 480v to power the pre-commissioning and commissioning phase of a Refinery in Jizan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 2000TR temporary cooling with power to provide emergency cooling during the 2018 ARAB Summit in Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 640TR temporary cooling with power to an ARAMCO utilities area in Ras Tanura, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 1000TR temporary cooling with power to a SABIC facility during a shutdown in Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 25MW temporary power solution for the pre-commissioning and commissioning phase of a petrochemical plant in Turaif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 4MW temporary power solution for the pre-commissioning and commissioning phase of a petrochemical plant in Duba, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Temporary Power provided to many Offshore Platforms, Rigs and Barges.
  • Rental Compressors, Welding Solutions provided on both onshore and offshore facilities.

In addition to these projects, ENERGIA has delivered a number of medium and high voltage projects across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East and have provided complex support solutions to many different industries including petrochemical plants, O&G, Construction, Process Industries, Production Industries, FMCG Sector several national Military forces. ENERGIA have won many accolades for their projects and solutions.

To find out on how Energia can help you, drop us a line on info@energiaksa.com or call on +966 13 3635476 / 3635476

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