Compressor Rental

Heavy Duty Filter

A single, high performance two-stage air intake filter with service indicator is standard. It prevents dust and dirt particles from entering the engine and the compressor

Centralized Controls

All controls are grouped on a single panel, covered by a rigid plastic cover for safety and ease of operation.

For Rental Companies

Designed a small single tool compressor, fitting the needs of the rental industries. They are developed with the rental customer in mind; small, easy to use and reliable.

Ratings Available

  • 175 CFM @7 Bar / 100PSI Air Compressor
  • 938 CFM @12 Bar / 175PSI Air Compressor
  • 354 CFM @10 Bar / 145PSI Air Compressor
  • 774 CFM @10.3 Bar / 150PSI Air Compressor


  • Small dimensions, light weight
  • Low noise output
  • Single side service points
  • centralized fluid drains
  • Single axle mounted
  • Full shift fuel tank
  • Full length service doors
  • Electronic multi-function controller


  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Easy to maneuver at worksite
  • Environmentally safe operations
  • Best fuel economy in class
  • Easy to transport
  • Ideal for urban use
  • Comprehensive monitoring

Our constant search for innovation and our commitment to your needs has resulted in a superior product providing the utmost in performance, reliability, economy and versatility.

Smaller and lighter means the operator can move to the next work point easier and faster, without the need for supplemental moving equipment.

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