Limited Fuel Consumption and Increased Longevity with Load Demand

Energia Load demand generators

Reduced consumption of fuel along with its maintenance cost for checking the power-saving capabilities which meet the demands are the appealing features for the customers and the clientele of standby power systems. This blog discusses how such features are quite attainable at minimal costing and also maintaining the reliability of the system with our very demand supported controllers.

To level with the generation capacity to load consumption, load demand is necessary to determine the total load, the available capacity of operating generator sets, and available capacity of non-operating generator sets. Then load demand processes this information and matches the generating capacity to the load requirement by starting or stopping the generator which sets itself to run the minimum number of generator sets required to operate the loads, while conserving fuel simultaneously, and prolonging the life expectancy of the generator sets.

The variation between load demand and load control

Load demand is not the same as load control. It refers to capacity which means starting and stopping generator set, whereas load control refers to connecting and disconnecting loads which ultimately manages the control.


The Best that can be achieved with load demand

For the best outcome of load demand, the technician must have a better understanding of the characteristics of load demand which are as follows: load profile, load priorities, largest load steps, and specific site needs.
Using this information, the technician can then optimize the load demand settings for the best outcome. The load demand algorithm can also be implemented in PLC-based master control or it can be an important part of the generator set paralleling control.

Load demand productivity

The load demand method ensures productivity hours equalization works to balance the number of run hours of the generator sets. The generator sets with the minimum number of run hours will have a higher lead to run compared with the sets with a higher number of run hours.

This can be achieved by monitoring the engine productivity and checking a run hours differential parameter. When the difference in run hours between the next generator to stop and the next generator to start surpasses the productivity differential, the system starts up the generator set with the lesser number of running hours and cuts the one with the higher number of hours.



Load demand is an important factor to consider while making a decision to purchase or rent a power generator. Therefore one should take note of the points mentioned above to come to an effective solution. It is paramount to be armed with the right information and knowledge before venturing out to rent

Energia is personified by the words Trust, Quality, Excellence and they will help you make the ideal choice based on your utility preference and reach a fruitful conclusion. The motto of 24/7 support and delivery is evident through communication with clients and customers alike. Energia has a significant presence in Saudi Arabia and they strive to fulfil the rental needs of companies present in those regions.

ENERGIA offers the QAS Series from Atlas Copco for your all your rental power needs.

QAS range, mobile generator rental

Energia MTC, a leader in power generation and rental equipment in Saudi Arabia, and Atlas Copco, a global leader in reliable and fuel-efficient power solutions are working together to deliver complete power solutions for oil and gas, construction, industrial and modular power plant operations.

Energia MTC offers reliable equipment and total solutions packages to its customers in the Middle East and was looking to extend and strengthen its power generator offering as part of growing demand and expansion into the wider MENA region. The company turned to Atlas Copco Power & Flow for guidance and has purchased 107 QAS generators.

Energia MTC chooses Atlas Copco´s QAS power generators

We have been a customer of Atlas Copco for more than five years and have been impressed with both the high performance of their products and the high level of customer service during that time, We naturally approached them again for their recommendation of a generator to include in our mainstream rental fleet.

Mohin Shaikh , General Manager at Energia MTC

High quality with the QAS range

QAS range, mobile generator

There were four requirements Energia MTC had for the power generators. Firstly, the generators’ specifications should be able to be customised in line with end user’s needs. Secondly, the engines needed to be reliable to work in a wide range of challenging environments. Thirdly, they needed extended warranty conditions and dedicated local after sales support.

Atlas Copco recommended the QAS range of power generators since it meets all these criteria.

The QAS range of mobile power generators has been especially designed for rental applications and provides the robustness and reliability demanded from generators, We knew they would fit perfectly in Energia MTC’s portfolio and the company’s customers can be confident in the high performance.

Edmerlito Gonzales , Regional Business Line Manager
Atlas Copco’s Power & Flow Division, Middle East & Turkey

Rental equipment is frequently moved and needs to be easy to transport. The generators are compact with balanced weight and a strong base frame with forklift slots. As such they are highly manouverable and easy to install and store.

There are 15 generators in the range providing power to cover a wide range of applications. The generators are also highly flexible, thanks to their simple paralleling capability. In rental applications power needs are ever changing and the modular design means users can connect multiple generators in the simplest way, and to build an installation with optimal efficiency. Controllers further optimise fuel consumption.

Support with service

Serviceability is a top priority in the QAS product design. Large doors and removable service plates ensure superior accessibility and quick maintenance. Heavy duty filtration systems allow for long service intervals to further reduce downtime for your prime power generator.

We are also supporting Energia MTC with a bespoke repairs and maintenance package, The commissioning process has gone smoothly, and full training has been given to Energia MTC’s service engineers.
Edmerlito Gonzales , Regional Business Line Manager
Atlas Copco’s Power & Flow Division, Middle East & Turkey

A service engineer from Atlas Copco’s partner in Saudi Arabia, GCC Olayan, is being stationed at Energia MTC for one year to help maintain equipment. Ongoing service training is also being provided to Energia MTC’s service personnel.

For further assurance on quality, product testing observed by Energia MTC has been carried out prior to shipping. Consignment parts are also being held at Atlas Copco’s distributor in Saudi Arabia, meaning it is quick and easy for Energia MTC to access spare components when required.

The QAS range so far is performing to our expectations, and we are proud to partner with Atlas Copco and include the energy efficient generators in our offering,
Hassan Shahid , CEO at Energia MTC

Are you geared up for any potential power related emergencies on your plant / project?

ENERGIA is a global provider of rental power, cooling, compressors, tower lights and welding solutions, offering reliable equipment, total solutions packages and exceptional engineering services. ENERGIA is headquartered in Jubail (KSA) and has a large presence across the GCC and the wider MENA region.

Spearheaded by a large team of professionally qualified engineers, #Teamenergia has over the years made a niche for itself as the leading Temporary Power, Cooling, Compressors, Tower Lights and Welding Solutions provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the wider MENA region.

Temporary Power Solutions

ENERGIA offer the most reliable and fuel efficient rental diesel power generation equipment on the market. Whether it is a single site event project, military camp in remote location or a multi-megawatt temporary power solution for the whole city, ENERGIA offers a wide range of acoustically containerized diesel generators and power accessories anywhere in the world. All installations include a dedicated service team to plan, organize and manage the entire process of supplying temporary power generation.

Diesel generators are available from 30kVA to 1250kVA with an option for eco-friendly battery, solar or wind power generation. This makes them ideal for telecommunications, military and remote site locations.

ENERGIA also provide power distribution services, transformers, load banks and a range of environmentally safe fuel tanks each with a capacity of up to 26,000 litres, thereby offering the customer a complete power generation solution.

Temperature Control Solutions

ENERGIA is a leader in providing rental temperature control packages and temporary district cooling solutions. Our cooling packages are used to cool and maintain the temperature of facilities in a range of environments from music events, to construction, production, shut-downs and to military bases in the middle of the desert.

Chillers are available from 60TR to 300TR and can be configured to meet the most demanding requirements and environments and all installations have the added benefit of remote monitoring options should it be required.

ENERGIA also provide mobile energy transfer stations, air handling units available in 100 tons to 200 tons, skid mounted heat transfer units, and multiple air conditioning units 20TR, 28TR & 50TR (Packaged Air Conditioning Units with Power) available in different capacities for various cooling applications.

ENERGIA’s range of solutions and expertise in temperature control projects allows the customer to receive a one stop solution for all their temperature control requirements.

Full Utility Solution

ENERGIA can provide customers with a total utility solution that includes power and cooling and it is this capability that differentiates them from all other rental firms in the region.

Recent Projects

Some of ENERGIA’s recent projects include:

  • 60MW temporary power solution @ 34500v to power a city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 20MW temporary power solution @ 34500v to power a petrochemical plant during an emergency shutdown in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 12MW temporary power solution @ 13800v to power a production facility in the FMCG sector in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 8MW temporary power solution @ 480v to power the pre-commissioning and commissioning phase of a Refinery in Jizan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 2000TR temporary cooling with power to provide emergency cooling during the 2018 ARAB Summit in Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 640TR temporary cooling with power to an ARAMCO utilities area in Ras Tanura, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 1000TR temporary cooling with power to a SABIC facility during a shutdown in Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 25MW temporary power solution for the pre-commissioning and commissioning phase of a petrochemical plant in Turaif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 4MW temporary power solution for the pre-commissioning and commissioning phase of a petrochemical plant in Duba, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Temporary Power provided to many Offshore Platforms, Rigs and Barges.
  • Rental Compressors, Welding Solutions provided on both onshore and offshore facilities.

In addition to these projects, ENERGIA has delivered a number of medium and high voltage projects across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East and have provided complex support solutions to many different industries including petrochemical plants, O&G, Construction, Process Industries, Production Industries, FMCG Sector several national Military forces. ENERGIA have won many accolades for their projects and solutions.

To find out on how Energia can help you, drop us a line on or call on +966 13 3635476 / 3635476

Emergency / Rental Cooling Solutions

Never too late to prepare for unforeseen emergencies. Whether its your Heat Echanger that needs replacing, your cooling system needs a revamp, need additional cooling for the summer months to fill in for the deficit and / or sustain production levels – a Turnkey Temporary Temperature Control solution is what you need. We at ENERGIA are here to listen to your requirements and provide a complete solution. Just give us a call and our Engineers would be more than happy to visit you and understand your precise requirements.

Have you planned for your emergencies this year? Call us to find out how this can be facilitated at short notice from the ENERGIA depots in Jubail, Riyadh & Jeddah.

Energia is the One Stop Shop for all Power, Cooling, Air, Welding solutions for the Oil & Gas sector. With a wide array of certified Men & Machines, Energia is poised to remain a front-runner in this sector.

To find out on how Energia can help you, drop us a line on or call on +966 13 3635476 / 3635476

Renting to Ensure Liquidity

Perhaps the one thing that on many projects that is overlooked is the use of Temporary / Rental Equipment required on each project at the time of budgeting. Most estimates are based on the assumption that most tools & equipment are owned by the workshop / company which in most cases, fall short.

Going by the speed of projects in the past decade, one can come to the conclusion on the dismal state of our timekeeping / time management and project acceleration (when required). We have seen over the years many construction companies struggling to pay for foreign workers who are on permanent payrolls of the company and the project possibly has slowed down or done with. The overheads as far as people management is concerned does not stop with he project coming to an end. Some of the companies that have suffered with this problem have actually succumbed to this and are now either in deep debt or out of business.

At the outset, opting for (as far as necessary) temporary facilities / equipment / utilities probably could be the option as there a fair bit of cost and manpower required to maintain the facilities / equipment. In the rental option, your cost / overheads stop the day your project is over thereby freeing up capital to ensure sustainability and longevity of the company itself.

Apart from liquidity / low cost on overheads, the primary reason one can look into hiring is that most equipment available on rent are of higher spec, better quality and better maintained, so the job that the equipment is hired to do, gets done in a relatively more faster time.


  1. All Service & Maintenance costs are covered in the cost of Rental. Massive spends on owning a workshop, mechanics, parts inventory or maintaining records are curtailed when the RENT option is taken.
  2. Renting equipment in most cases would give you 24/7 Emergency Services.In the event of a breakdown, if the equipment requires repairs and workshop, this is replaced immediately with a fresh load tested unit when the equipment is rented. What happens when your own equipment breaks down?
  3. We are your warehouse, when you rent from us, so there is no need to have storage worries. You therefore focus more on your core business bringing about positive growth.
  4. Inventory control comes naturally with rented equipment. You have not storage worries.
  5. Renting equipment for short term and long term projects frees up your capital for more profitable use rather than spending on expensive equipment which may sporadically be used once the project is over.
  6. Renting does not show up as a liability on your Balance Sheet, thereby increasing your borrowing capacity keeping the business healthy and more liquid.
  7. Renting means having the most up to date and project specific, relevant equipment always at your fingertips. It also gives the Project Managers to try out equipment before opting to buy in the future.
  8. Use the right equipment for the right job with rented equipment, instead of trying to make do with what you own.
  9. Renting means you pay only for what you need to accomplish the task at hand. Why own huge inventories of idle equipment?
  10. When you are done with the equipment you rented and that specific job is complete, you simply return it. Getting rid of your own equipment is a much more costly and difficult project. Renting gives you accurate cost control.

To find out on how Energia can help you, drop us a line on or call on +966 13 3635476 / 3635476

Temporary Process Cooling

Testing Alt

Cooling Tower repairs / refurbishment and Plant Reactor Cooling during a shutdown are key areas where production losses could potentially sky rocket if not carried out efficiently and with the right engineering partner for any Petrochemical Plant Shutdown / Turnaround.

When a Cooling Tower as a whole or even partially goes out of operations for repairs / refurbishment the production losses and downtime losses can possibly be curtailed by deploying an external integrated cooling system using Heat Exchangers and a closed loop system. This when deployed ahead of your shutdown will ensure that the plant is back up and running in no time with minimal production losses.

Similarly, when a reactor needs to be cooled, a similar system can be used to cool the gases before the plant comes online again, thereby cutting back the possible production losses that one may incur due to a Maintenance Shutdown.

Obviously, these are complex systems designed to operate and work in tough / O&G environments, and you would need a Temperature Control / Process Cooling expert to design and implement this system.

Energia is your one-stop shop from designing to implementation of temporary cooling systems of any size. Contact us on