A Gas Reservoir Storage Project client sought to test their pumps, consisting of 11 pumps each with 21MW power. In response, Energia embarked on a significant project to establish a 44 MW power rental plant. This involved deploying 56 generators of 1250 kVA each alongside 10 Nos of 6.3MVA Medium Voltage Transformers. Despite the complexity and time constraints, Energia successfully completed the installation, adhering to stringent safety standards and ARAMCO’s work procedures.

PROJECT PURPOSE: Providing temporary power for testing of 21MW & 6MW Motors for Gas Reservoir Storage Project.
DURATION: 1st Year: Jan-2022 to July-2022 & 2nd Year: March-2023 to June-2023


The project presented significant challenges due to testing 21MW Solo run Motors with a starting current of 6000 Amps @ 13.8KV. Energia coordinated with the client for the ETAP Study for the Temporary Power Plant Setup. Challenges during testing, such as tripping under overcurrent and reactive power faults, were successfully addressed in close coordination with ARAMCO teams and their OEM Suppliers.


Energia completed the installation according to Health, Safety, and Environment procedures approved by the client team. A standby contingency plan with 3 to 4 spare machines ensured uninterrupted power supply in emergencies. All Energia staff underwent training under the clients Safety Department, obtaining Safety Passport Certification. Generators were synchronized and connected to the main switchgear with one Outgoing Feeder of 2500 Amps. During initial testing, tripping issues were resolved by adjusting Overcurrent and Reactive Power settings in MVAR, leading to successful pump testing on Solo run. The team’s dedication was recognized and rewarded by management, further motivating them to excel.


  • Swift response to start the plant upon request from SEC Control Room in Hail showcases operational readiness.
  • The project served as a learning curve for Energia, contributing to professional growth and laying a solid foundation for future endeavors.

Key Points Highlighted:

  • Complexity and Challenges: Energia successfully navigated the project’s complexity and tight timeframe, showcasing its adaptability and resilience.
  • Team Effort: The project’s success was attributed to the collective efforts of Energia’s skilled workforce, underscoring the importance of teamwork and ongoing training.
  • Client Satisfaction: Energia’s commitment to meeting client’s requirements and ensuring operational excellence strengthened its relationship with the client, fostering trust and collaboration.
  • Learning and Growth: The project served as a valuable learning experience, contributing to professional development and laying the foundation for future successes.