One of the major Engineering and Construction company, aimed at establishing a polysilicon production facility in Jubail, Saudi Arabia —a significant step in Saudi Arabia’s renewable energy endeavors. This cutting-edge facility, located on the Gulf coast, is poised to annually produce around 3,000 tons of polysilicon, a critical component in solar panel manufacturing, positioning itself as a pioneering polysilicon manufacturing hub in the region.

An in-depth understanding of Cummins products has helped our full-fledged projects team capable of
designing complex rental power plant solutions. Leveraging their expertise and support from
Cummins Power Generation, we managed the design, project management and application support for the rental power solution, ensuring seamless implementation and operation.


The power plant commenced operations with an initial capacity of 5 MW in December 2013, with a target of reaching a full installed capacity of 33 MW by May 2014. An interim 15 MW plant was activated on March 15, 2014. Anticipating the need for large-scale rental projects, we strategically stocked Cummins Power Generation rental specification 1,000 KW C1250 D2R PowerBoxTM generator sets in Saudi Arabia.

To meet immediate requirements, five sets were deployed for the initial 5 MW supply, followed by 15 for the interim plant and 33 for the full installed capacity phase. The logistical challenges were efficiently managed, swiftly installing the complete plant within days. Throughout the commissioning of the polysilicon facility, uninterrupted power supply was imperative. We devised a solution utilizing a compact 33 KV Ring Main Unit to ensure safe electrical isolation during installation, facilitating seamless operation during capacity enhancements.

In challenging environmental conditions, and with only limited space available, we were not only able to match the E&C’s expectations, but also cover its future needs. Polysilicon production is a continuous process, and when the facility is completed it will be running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The power plant designed and installed will be able, if required, to supply power for polysilicon production at the site until utility power becomes available.