In response to severe power shortages faced by a client in Najran, Energia undertook a monumental project to set up a 37 MW power rental plant. This involved deploying 50 generators of 1250 kVA each along with a range of Medium Voltage Transformers. Despite the complexity and time constraints, Energia successfully completed the installation, adhering to stringent safety standards.


Mode of Operation: Base Load
Duration: June 2019 to November 2021


  • The project presented significant challenges due to the tight timeframe imposed by the client for
    installation and commissioning.
  • Energia rose to the occasion, overcoming hurdles with the unwavering support of management and the dedicated site team.
  • All equipment, including fuel tanks and accessories, were supplied and installed with meticulous attention to safety protocols.


  • Operational readiness was paramount, as evidenced by the swift response to start the plant upon request from the client’s Control Room in Abha.
  • A standby contingency plan was in place with 2 to 3 spare machines, ensuring uninterrupted power supply in case of emergencies.
  • Despite initial staffing constraints, Energia transformed challenges into opportunities by providing rigorous training to the team, fostering a culture of collaboration and dedication.
  • The team’s hard work and commitment were duly recognized and rewarded by management, further motivating them to excel.


  • Seamless coordination with the client, coupled with strict adherence to Health, Safety, and Environmental standards, enhanced operational efficiency.
  • The project served as a learning curve for Energia, contributing to professional growth and laying a solid foundation for future endeavors.

Key Points Highlighted:

  • Urgent Response: Energia’s prompt action to address the client’s power shortage crisis underscores its reliability and efficiency.
  • Complexity and Challenges: The project’s complexity and tight timeframe were acknowledged, highlighting Energia’s ability to navigate adversities.
  • Team Effort: The success of the project was attributed to the collective efforts of Energia’s skilled workforce, emphasizing the importance of teamwork & training.
  • Client Satisfaction: Energia’s commitment to meeting the client’s requirements and ensuring operational excellence strengthened its rapport with the client.
  • Learning and Growth: The project served as a valuable learning experience, contributing to professional development and paving the way for future successes.