Why Rent


  1. Full maintenance is included in the rental rate. There is no need for you to keep your own shop, mechanics, parts inventory or maintenance records.
  2. If rented equipment breaks down, it is immediately replaced. What happens when your own equipment breaks down?
  3. We are your warehouse when you rent equipment. You have no storage worries.
  4. Inventory control comes naturally with rented equipment, saving you the headache of keeping track of your own units.
  5. Renting frees your capital for more profitable uses than expensive, sporadically used equipment.
  6. Renting doesn’t show up as a liability on your balance sheet, so it increases your borrowing capacity.
  7. Renting means having the most up-to-date equipment always at your fingertips.
  8. No personal or property taxes are involved in renting.
  9. Renting gives you accurate cost control.
  10. Use the right equipment for the right job with rented equipment, instead of trying to make do with what you own.
  11. Renting means you pay only for what you need to accomplish the task at hand. Why own huge inventories of idle equipment?
  12. When you’re finished with the equipment you rented, you simply return it. Getting rid of your own equipment is a much costlier and more difficult project.

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