Businesses that can make the most of Energia’s services

Whether your company is based on construction or you organize events, whether your company needs a 24×7 power supply or you need that for just one day, Energia’s services serve multiple types of businesses. And these businesses make the most out of it too. 

To have a brief knowledge of the businesses we serve, here is a list:


  1. Construction

Construction needs a power supply for many of the equipment. And since there can’t be a power supply before the construction is nearly over, these sites depend upon the power rentals. Other than the power supply, to work in the night hours, tower lights, and for welding, welding equipment is also available with Energia.


2. Logistics

Continuous working is necessary for Logistics Company, and for that, they need a continuous power supply. If there is a power cut in their office or the area, we are there to help them in crisis, even when they need fuel supply for their vehicles or the generator.


3. Events

Many things are required in the execution of the event and the satisfaction of the guests. Two of the many things are electricity and cooling. To lighten up the event site, to run the music system, mic and speakers, etc, event management companies rent generators, and for cooling solutions too, they look for Energia’s range of cooling rentals.


4. Oil & Gas Refineries and Petro Chemical Companies

In these types of industries too, there is a heavy need for power, and more to that, fuel tanks. They may also have to work at night, which also requires a lighting solution. Our long range of products helps these companies deliver their best


5. Manufacturing factories for Food/Beverages

There are a lot of processes food items need to go through to get the approval of consumption. The raw materials and the semi-final products as well have to undergo many steps of processing like heating, cooling, compressing, packaging, and so on. And all these processes need to be done is a specified time limit, or there is the danger of spoiling the product. So for continuous power, cooling, and fuel supply, Energia helps them out.


6. Plastic and Metal factories

Both plastic and metal factories need a lot of heat and power for the manufacturing of the products. Among their requirements, they also need welding solutions for many different purposes. So we supply them with the power rentals, welding solutions, and also with fuel tanks whenever require. Additionally, air compressors are used for a few purposes in these industries as well.


7. Schools/Hospitals/malls/cinemas/resorts

These are the areas where you cannot afford a power cut. In hospitals, the lives will be a risk if there ever happens a power cut, and thus hospitals always have a generator to keep the continuous supply of power. In other places such as schools and malls, students, teachers, and shop owners also need electricity. Schools need it for smart classes, computers, lights, etc. Malls need it for a better shopping experience for their customers, to keep the elevators and escalators working, and for the central cooling system to supply air. And so do resorts and cinema. If one is at a place to enjoy their time, and if there is a power cut, nothing can spoil their mood but this.


8. Concert halls

Preparation of the concert, tons of lighting, cooling system, power supply, fuel to run power supply, and so many other things are required before and during a concert. The place of the concert is just a ground before the organizers turn them into a place where hundreds of people are going to come to listen to music played on super speakers and light shows in the concert, which again require a lot of power supply. Energia helps the organizers to make a success out of the concert without hassle.

Why power rentals are necessary to run small businesses

When you start a small business, you look out for minimum expenses and more profits so that you can make a progress in your small business. In this case, buying and maintaining the power equipment might be expensive. Moreover to that, a new version of machines come out now and then, making your equipment outdated. Now, being a business owner, you can only wish to own the latest version of equipment as soon as they come out.

If you are looking for a solution for your problem, then the solution is renting. Power rentals are necessary to run a small business to keep your expenses low and productivity high. And not just small business owners, but even big industries and factories choose to use power rentals for better products with the latest equipment. 

Here are some of the many advantages for why power rentals are necessary to run a small business:


Do not worry about on-spot payment

You need not worry about a down payment or daily payment. If you are renting equipment for a long period, you can pay the rent amount when your work is done. But if you wish to make a payment to secure the product, then it is completely your desire. But if you choose to buy any equipment, you need to either pay the whole price on the spot or choose EMI or other similar options to own it. Being a small business owner, it is hard to afford to make such big payments, and thus the better option is to rent.


You get the latest products

When you choose power rentals, you may opt to return the already rented equipment for a newer version. If you choose to buy a product, you are stuck with it for a long time. You cannot return it to the seller in exchange for the new one without bearing the loss. When you want to increase productivity, you look for the latest equipment, and if you are a small business owner, you can get the latest products without spending a lot!


You can rent as many machines as you want

If you want to upgrade the production process and you now need more equipment and machines, then you do not have to spend a lot of money on buying them. You can rent as much equipment as you require. And in that case, too, you can go for the latest equipment. In this way, your small business can keep progressing without the hassle of buying and maintaining new equipment every time you get a bigger order!


No need for regular maintenance

Maintaining a machine can be expensive too. In case the machine meets with any problem, you will have to bear the cost for the repair as well. It could be burdensome if you own a small business. If you choose power rentals, the company or the agency you are renting it from will have to pay for all the maintenance and repairs (if the problem occurs from their side). By this, you are not only saving the money of purchasing the equipment but also the maintenance cost.


Renting is always better than a permanent investment when you own a small business because every penny worth a lot when your business is new. For small businesses or for large ones, we suggest choosing power rentals for maximum productivity with minimum cost for you to bear. By this, you can invest your money in raw materials and labour rather than machinery. Energia gives you the option of choosing from numerous rental options along with commendable service.

Get summer-ready with our cooling rentals

Summer can be harsh on you and everyone around you, especially in the Middle East and Africa. It can prove to be harsher if you anticipate buying cooling equipments for your workplace or event. 

Cooling equipments are required only during the Summer months and are not required during the other seasons unless you are residing at a place where you experience Summer for all 12 months which is not possible” So buying a full range of Cooling equipments for your workplace or your Events would prove to be an unviable decision.

When you are getting an alternative to go for cooling rentals by Energia, the temperature around you and your budget will be under your control.

Energia has been a leader in providing rental services in most parts of the Middle East and Africa since 2011. And among our rental products, there are temperature control packages and temporary district cooling solutions too.

The cooling packages we offer are utilized for cooling and to maintain the temperature of facilities in various kinds of environments. You can employ our cooling equipments in construction sites, production houses, military bases, weddings, and musical events, anywhere in the deserts. Our equipments have enough power to bring down high desert temperatures to cool ones.

Energia has a big fleet of cooling services, ranging from chillers to air conditioning, from air handling units to mobile energy stations. We arrange all the required sources and products that will be needed for your site and convenience.

With our experience, class products, and service, we promise to deliver you the satisfaction you need this summer and every other summer which comes. Even in an emergency, we do not compromise in our service and products. 

Our range of chillers range from 60TR to 300TR, which means they can be used from small places to huge places. They are configured to meet the most demanding requirements and environments. To provide our customers with more benefits, we also install remote monitoring options. With that, there should be near to no problems with the functioning of the chillers.

With mobile energy transfer stations, cooling equipments of any power can be managed easily. If these are required on your site, they will be installed by our skilled engineers.

Energia’s Air handling units range from 100 tons to 200 tons, specially designed to fight the wrenching heat that flows about the Middle East. Multiple air conditioning units ranging from 20TR, 28TR to 50TR are available. These equipments are available in different capacities.

Floor standing air conditioning units range from 3TR to 8TR. They are easy to install anywhere it is required with convenience. 

On top of all these solutions, we also provide mobile cooling systems. It has a trailer-mounted with a 200 TR chiller and an Aux for emergencies. Whenever you call for a cooling system, these will be there.

Other than these equipments, skid-mounted heat transfer units come under the fleet of Energia’s cooling rental fleet. 

One of the many advantages of renting from Energia is that we provide our customers with tailor-made service which is best suited for them. If you need a cooling system for military camps, we will employ as many units as possible to cover the whole camp.

Our engineers will come to your site and install them with their expertise. They will check its proper functioning and ensure you are satisfied with the service.

With these ranges of solutions and expertise, we can proudly say that you can get summer ready with Energia’s cooling rentals, as we are the one-stop solution for your temperature control requirements.