Why is Energia your one-stop welding solution?

Being in the rental business for over ten years now, we know what our customers require for their companies and sites. We have never failed in imparting quality services and products to our clients, and we never will. Energia began with the vision to provide Complete innovative welding solutions to the country of Saudi Arabia. 

Since we are aware of the needs of our customers in the sites, we keep all the welding solutions ready to get rented for your projects thus, we are the one-stop for all the welding solutions. We have the stock of all the latest welding equipment, which will not only work efficiently on your sites but also save the time required to complete the tasks.


All these equipment are regularly maintained and if there is any problem with any of the equipment, our team of professional and experienced engineers will repair them with their expertise. We do not do average, and thus we are known to be one of the best. We know how to do things, and we fulfill the promises we make.

To ensure complete convenience to our customers, we provide local delivery along with regular maintenance. Our customer does not have to pay for the insurance and calibration if there happens any breakdown after the delivery of the equipment, we are quick in replacing them with alternate machines. We do not charge for the replacements. If there are any requirements or warnings related to the equipment, like keeping it away from dirt or water, then you are informed by our engineers about that.

The solution packages are custom-made to the requirements of the customer. From small sites to huge ones, we can arm you with the number of welding solutions you require. Even if the customers have the requirement of a specific type of equipment of a certain power or size, we will provide them with it. If you are not sure about the equipment that will be useful for your site, then you are consulting our engineers, who will help you to choose which ones would be the best for your business. We also employ a Heat Treatment Specialist who advises us on the best practices while maintaining and delivering the equipment and solutions.

When talking about the quality of the products, we are associated with Red-D-Arc Weldrentals, a leading welding rental corporation in North America. We have set the highest benchmarks in innovative technology, optimum quality, and service. Our range of equipment for welding rentals includes Diesel welding generators, Arc welders, Multipurpose weld units, wire feeders, MIG welders, spool guns, TIG welders, weld automation, and cladding weld units. Though we are based in Saudi Arabia, our large fleet of equipment is rented to regional and international inventory.



We call ourselves the one-stop solution for welding equipment, as we provide welding R&D with engineering and procedure development. Our equipment is qualified for welding in any diameter, material, and thickness. No matter what is the thickness or material, we provide you with solutions that are available in both automatic and semi-automatic options.

Energia’s focus is to provide you with quality equipment to increase the productivity of your site and business. We also ensure to make the welding experience there faster and easier.

Whatever the requirement, Energia and our team are ready to employ our best products and engineers at your site to ensure satisfaction and quality. It is why Energia is the one-stop welding solution.







How can you reduce fuel tank setup time in the best possible way?

You need fuel for using a lot of machinery on your site. Storing fuel in bulk helps reduce transportation time every time you need it while saving the cost of transportation of fuel. Though there are regulations in installing and maintaining bulk fuel and fuel tanks, and also you will have the responsibility of keeping them away from contamination (water or microbial) or any type of hazard.

Setting up a fuel tank takes hours and an abundance of workforce and equipment. These things need to be done with precision and patience to not cause any problem on the site. But to avoid any extension in the required time of the installation, some steps can be taken for a timely installation. Here is how you can reduce fuel tank setup time in the best possible way, and also how to maintain it.

  1. Keep your staff ready for the installation

You know the time and date and the location where you will be installing the fuel tanks. Thus, keeping your staff deployed and ready for assisting in the installation of the tank will help speeding up the process. The company supplying you with the tank will send their professionals for fitting the tank, pumps, vents, and other accessories. 

These things cost additional time if the site owner or the workers does not cooperate with the tank engineers. You need to keep the area clean and cover up the electricity requirement by ordering generators before the installation to avoid any delay or complication in terms of power requirements.


  1. Invest in Skid frames and built-in forklift pockets

The fuel tanks are cylindrical, making it difficult to transport, particularly if it contains fuel in it. Investing some amount for installing a skid frame and built-in forklift pockets makes it easy and safe for transportation. Some tanks are built with these beforehand. 

So you are open to the option to get those too. Not only for transportation, the frame and pocket also make the tank easy to handle by the staff. The operations are observed to have speeded up, with safety, when the staff handles such equipment. Also, keep in mind the state regulations while ordering fuel along with the tank. If you do not work according to the regulations, you may have to face heavy fines.


  1. Choose a flat location for the installation

To ensure that the fuel is safe from any contamination or spills, make the placement of the tank on a solid flat surface. Flat surfaces are recommended, not only for easy and quick installation but also to keep the area around the tank safe from any leaning or tripping. In case of any potential spill or lead, a sloppy place may make the fuel go downhill, which may reach to water source or drains. A solid flat surface ensures maximum stability. It is also suggested to consider placing the tank above the ground surface in your site to keep the soil and groundwater safe in case of any leakage. It may also save your digging and extra installation costs.